Container Store Accessories – Lacquer Boxes

We are always looking for great accessories for our clients. Especially just before and just after an install. Anything from handblown glass vases and ming dynasty artifacts to the latest abstract artist. If its out there, we need to know about it.

While perusing the new Container Store near my parent’s house with my mom, I happened upon some über cute accessories. I don’t know about you, but when I think of The Container Store, I think of bookshelves, under-the-bed-storage, and shower caddies. I know they have a lot more than that, but lets face it, thats not the place you go for an amazing home decor accessory. Well, I fell in lacquer-love with some of these products:

Wouldn’t these boxes look great in a home office or on a bookshelf!

Fabulous Lacquer Boxes

These trays would be great for  jewelry on a vanity or a catch-all on an entry table.

Lacquer Accessory Trays

And what about these canisters for storing cotton balls in the bathroom or paperclips and rubber bands on a desk.

Lacquer Canisters

Immediately I thought of one of our clients in Mexico who has been wanting the lacquer box look but doesn’t really want to pay the hefty price tag at specialty design showrooms. Admittedly, boxes like the ones below are much better quality, but not everyone wants to fork out that much for a few decorative boxes(from $65-$140/ea).

Napa Home Lacquer Boxes – So Beautiful

We ended up ordering around 15 Container Store boxes (from $7-$18/ea) in varying sizes and colors to accessorize her entertainment center. The boxes were just delivered this week. Don’t they look great with her fabrics!

Lacquer Boxes with Client Fabrics

The tan texture on the bottom right is the fabric on the sectional. The embroidered floral fabric, red fabric, and orange fabric are  pillows on the sectional and the wood sample at the center is the finish on their enormous entertainment center. These boxes are going to be gorgeous!

One of the things that I love about our international clients, especially the ones from Mexico, is that they are not afraid of color. We have done some amazing rooms with these clients. Living rooms in purple and orange. Terraces in yellows and pinks. It can be so much fun!

Seeing these boxes made me think of ways that I could make my own. Taking a CS box and painting an accent color on the edges. Perhaps gold or a simple white like the napa home boxes above…

… hmm. Another project to put in the works!

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