The Chevron Craze

The Chevron Craze

If you haven’t noticed there is a bit of a Chevron Craze going on in the design world. What do I think if this? I love it!

Just in case you aren’t sure what a Chevron is, here is the definition: a figure, pattern, or object having the shape of a V or an inverted V (think of the Chevron Oil Co. logo)

When did this craze start? Who knows! For me, It started when I first saw the Missoni Zig Zag rug. Our lead designer (my boss) specified this rug for the living room of a client’s home in Mexico. Oh, how I wish I had a picture of it after it was installed!

About two years later, the Missoni for Target line came out. As you may remember, most of the merchandise sold out in 24 hrs and the site crashed many times. I think it is safe to say that was the real taking off point for the chevron/zigzag look!

Missoni was nothing new. The stars and ultra rich (our clients) have been buying these trendy italian clothes and furnishings for years. The change occurred with availability to the masses. Just get on Pinterest and you can see oodles and gobbs of chevron love!

Want to incorporate some chevron pattern into your life?


There are TONS of beautiful Home Decor Chevrons and Quilting Chevrons on (my go-to site). Here are some of the ones I really like….

Simple Chevron
Premier Prints Indoor/Outdoor ZigZag Blue Moon

*Personal Favorite*
Suburban Chevrama Greystone

Subtle Chevron
Palladium Chevron Stripe Grey

Colorful Chevron
Stitch Organic Zig Zag Stripe Garden/Multi

Cool Tone Chevron
Annette Tatum Bohemian Chevron Teal

Home Decor

From what I have seen, West Elm has really latched on to the Chevron Craze.

I love this Zigzag Floor Pouf

their Organic Chevron Duvet cover & Shams

and who can help falling in love with their Bordered Chevron Pillow! It has a monogram (another design craze)… genius!

If you can’t afford the West Elm price point, Target has some very cute options.

Room Essentials® Chevron Comforter – White

Room Essentials® Chevron Bed Set – Multi Chevron

Pottery Barn jumped on the bad wagon with their Hayden Zig Zag Rug.

And I have this Ikea HESSUM runner in my kitchen at home.

To sum it all up… the design world has gone crazy with chevrons and so should you!

What do you think of them? And how have you/would you use them?

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