Christopher’s Room: Framed Lulu DK

Hello again!

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend. We took our family pictures today in the pumpkins and hopefully I can show you a preview of them tomorrow!

So you may have seen the post that I did Friday about the map that is now hanging in Christopher’s Room… Today I am going to show you some additional artwork that I have in the room.

You may also remember the post that I did on fabric designer Lulu DK and her fabulous Children’s line at Schumacher. I recently decided to frame a few of the fabrics and hang them above Christopher’s bed.

Here are the fabrics that I decided to use:

Lulu DK Skittles in Blueberry/Sky

Lulu DK Sailboat in Sky

Lulu DK Macaroni in Blueberry/Sky

I was able to obtain some small pieces of these fabrics and went to good ‘ole Walmart for some frames on one of my lunch breaks this week. I snagged some frames for $3.00 each and finally carved out some time to assemble them on Thursday night.

Obviously, the first step is to open the back of the frame and take out the less than desirable example photo.

Next, I cut the fabric pieces to be slightly larger than the opening of the mat…

Then taped them in place…

And put them back into the frames.

All that I really used were the scissors, tape and a few command hooks to hang them. It might have taken me a total of 15 minutes to pop the fabrics into the frames and Voila! fun artwork…

And here they are installed Christopher’s room:

Christopher admiring the new artwork in his PJs

This is a really great way to use a small piece of a fabric that you might like to feature in a child’s room or any other room for that matter. Maybe you can’t afford to make draperies or bedding in a statement fabric… Framing the fabric as artwork can be a great alternative that will still make a statement!

Have you framed a fabric to serve as artwork?

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