Designer: Jan Showers

No matter who you voted for in the Election yesterday, I promise you will LOVE the designer that I want to show you today! She is one of my all time favorites.

One of my go-to places to look for amazing inspiration as well as fabulous furniture is Jan Showers’ website. This amazing designer has a list of magazine features and honors a mile long. But I think that her work speaks for itself!

Here are a few of my favorite spaces in her portfolio:

Are you feeling fabulous yet?

Jan Showers also has an amazing furnishings line that is really just to die for:

Villa Sofa

Palazzo Sofa

I featured the Claudette Bench shown below in this post

Claudette Bench

What is not to love about this screen!

Sanderson Screen

And last but not least…. this is literally my dream bedside table.

Manhattan Side Table with Drawer

She also has a line of Antique pieces such as this amazing Art Deco Chair c.1938.

Or this Bronze coffee table c.1940.

And what designer line is complete without lighting:

Link Lamp

Venetian Series #5

Venetian Series #3

Loving this chandelier!

Elizabeth Chandelier

After seeing all of those beautiful things… I hope that any of your post-election stress has now evaporated away.

Which pieces do you like?

On a side note, today is my anniversary! So I wanted to say a little shout out to my loving husband. I love you, Geoff! Always have and always will…

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