Poinsettia Christmas Wreath

Mini vent: I have been trying to complete this post for OVER a week. I actually did this project and wrote the post the weekend before last but have been having issues uploading photos for the past week. Thankfully, I seem to have figured out the problem with the photo up-loader! Yay!

We had a very busy weekend at our house (the weekend before last). It started off with the AC going out in the middle of our ridiculous 80 degree heat, followed by a call to the landlord and having to wait till Saturday for a technician (apparently this was happening to a lot of people). Thank the Lord it was a quick fix. Then Christopher had a bad stomach bug that wrecked a good portion of our Saturday and made for a little guy who was just not quite himself.

On the bright side, all of the time at home meant that I had lots of time for projects and Christmas Decorating!! I escaped to the craft store during one of Christopher’s long naps and came back with lots of goodies. Although it is had to get into the Christmas spirit while wearing shorts… we Houstonians do what we can!

My goal for the craft store was to get supplies for a Christmas wreath. Lets just say that I accomplished that goal and may or may not have surpassed it… Who doesn’t get a little carried away in the craft store from time to time?  🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, I like to look around at inspiration before starting on a project. Then I either put my own spin on an inspiration photo or do something totally my own. This project was the latter.

I started off with a simple grape vine wreath. Then I wrapped it sparingly with burlap ribbon.


Next, I added a translucent pearl strand around the center of the burlap ribbon. I made sure to tack pearl strand with hot glue at the back and front of the wreath so that it would stay at the center of the burlap ribbon.


Then I added gold poinsettias to the top and bottom areas. Somehow I missed taking a photo with just the poinsettias…

I also found a cute set of assorted metallic and glittered jingle bells while at the craft store. I love hearing jingle bells when a door opens during the holidays so I decided to add them sporadically around the wreath.


I added a little more of the translucent pearl strand to the back of the wreath to hang it from.

Then I added the final touch with this wood cut W. At first, I considered painting it a gold or silver. In the end, I liked it with the natural wood.


And here is the finished product!



Have you made any Holiday Decor for your home this year?

I have done a lot more of holiday decorating this year and will show you everything so far in a few days… The good news is that I will be attempting to post a Mid-Week Makeover tomorrow!!!

That is… if I do not have further photo issues (fingers crossed)

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