Color + Plus Lighting Collection

The other day my boss asked me, “Where was it that I saw those paint chip lamps… You know… the ones where you can choose a paint color for the lamps?” (spoken like the true creative that he is) My initial reaction was, “That sounds awesome” followed by, “I have no clue.” After a little Googling, we found what we were looking for at Lamps Plus:

from Lamps Plus

And Voila! A plethora of colors from both Sherwin-Williams and Pantone.


The lamps are available in several styles, depending on the color. Another huge plus are the coordinating shade options.

I will forewarn you that it can be rather addicting to play with these options!

Greens Narrow Zig Zag Apothecary Table Lamp

African Violet Civitia Table Lamp

Sky Blue Bold Stripe Ovo Table Lamp

Citrus Circle Rings Civitia Table Lamp

I may or may not have had entirely too much fun with this…

Winter White Narrow Zig Zag Ovo Table Lamp

Bright Red Apothecary Table Lamp

French Burgundy Bold Stripe Ovo Table Lamp

I am thinking about getting a pair of new bedside lamps for our room… My personal favorites are below.

Fillable Clear Glass Apothecary Table Lamp

Requisite Gray Apothecary Table Lamp

Winter White Apothecary Table Lamp

I will still be looking at other options for our room, but had to share this fun collection with you all.

What do you think? Would you use these lamps somewhere in your home?

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