Bedding: All Ruffled Up

There are fewer things more feminine than ruffles… My husband would tell you that I am a bit indulgent with ruffles when it comes to my wardrobe. I honestly don’t think I could quantify the exact number of ruffled tops currently in my closet!

So, I have been looking at getting a new duvet cover lately. Although I am not looking for this particular style for my duvet, I have been admiring a certain femme aesthetic… You guessed it, Ruffles and Ruching.

Perhaps one of the foremost en vogue companies, Anthropologie, jumped on the ruffles and ruching bandwagon a few years ago.

Anthropologie Rosette Quilt

Anthropologie Quilla Duvet

Add in a floral touch… and you’ve got girly chic!

Georgina Duvet

Their trendy sister company, Urban Outfitters, features this dainty option. I dare you to fit one more ruffle on that duvet!

Urban Outfitters Watterfall Ruffle Duvet

Urban Outfitters Watterfall Ruffle Duvet

Ever the fashion-forward-mega-retailer, Target offers several fabulous options.

Xhilaration Square Knot Coverlet

Xhilaration Ruffle Textured Bed in a Bag

Simply Shabby Chic Ruffle Quilt

And one of my personal favorites…

Someday, if I were to have a daughter… I can’t promise that I will not slather her room in feminine decor!

What do you think of this feminine trend?

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