Back to Blogging & A Beautiful Little Number


Wow it has been a long time. I cannot begin to tell you all how many times I started posts and never got around to finishing them. I am back to blogging now and committed to bringing you fun things to inspire!

I was at our upholsterer’s showroom today and this piece literally stopped me in my tracks.


You may think to yourself, “Wow that’s a beautiful piece with a really interesting banding or fabric at the base.”

Nope…. Ladies and gents, that is no banding… Its not a fabric either. The design you see is made of nailheads.

(Pause while that sinks in)

Here is a view of it up close:


Incredible, fabulous, stunning… This is one of the many reasons that I love my job. I get to see beautiful things like this any given day of the week.

Coming Soon: I have a lot of new inspiration to show you and some updates on things at my home. Hope that you are all having a fantastic summer!


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