Chevron Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Today is the first day of Fall!

And I got my wish, cooler temps here in Houston. It has truly been blazingly hot and uncomfortable as of late. So much so that it was beginning to feel as though we would never hear that glorious phrase, “Cold Front.” But alas, after heavy rain here and there for the past two days, we finally have high temps below 90! … It’s the little things in life sometimes.

The cooler weather has me in a fall decorating spirit! I got out some of our fall décor, but have not really committed to it until this weekend! On that note, I want to share this fun project I worked on last week to get in the autumnal spirit.

I am still enraptured with chevron styling and when I saw this ribbon at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, I was sold! With my inspiration in hand I perused the aisles of the crafting Mecca until I came up with this collection of supplies.

My Supplies: 1 Sprig of berry branches, 1 small white pumpkin, 1 sprig of fall leaves, 1 stalk of wheat, 15 yds of 4″ wide plain burlap ribbon, 7 yds of orange Chevron ribbon, straw wreath, Scissors and a handy-dandy hot glue gun.

Here is a close up of the b-e-a-utiful chevron burlap… I am Loving this stuff!

Now for the how-to… I started out wrapping the 4″W regular burlap around the wreath as it came off the roll. However, I didn’t really like seeing all of the straw underneath. So I decided to fold it in half.

I was pleased with this result because I felt it enhanced the texture of the otherwise plain wreath.

Now for the fun part, Embellishment! I separated a few of the leaves and berry sprigs from the rest and bunched them together, forming this small bunch.

Next, I made a larger grouping with the wheat stalk, remaining berries and leaves.

Here is a photo showing both clusters. This should show you their proportions to each other.

I decided to group the two bundles together facing opposite directions. The larger bundle was placed vertically and the smaller bundle was beneath it following the curve of the wreath to form this grouping.

And now for the Chevron Ribbon! I used this video tutorial last year when making my Poinsettia Christmas Wreath and it came in handy again as a refresher. Then, using some straight pins, I spaced out the “tails” of my bow and glued them down.

Last, I glued down my bow and added the finishing touch, a small white pumpkin, to the center.

I am beyond happy with the result!

What do you think of the wreath? Are you doing any fall crafts?

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