Happy Halloween

Wishing all of you a:


via LilyandVal on Etsy

Last night, I learned a little more about a mother’s love (namely my love for my kiddo) and my inherent need to complete an ongoing project before I go to bed. The clock read 4:06 when my head hit the pillow and 5:53 when it got back up. Nevertheless, my sweet Christopher is a lion this year. He has been very proud of his newly acquired roaring skills over the past several months so when it came time to think about costumes… a lion was a given.

Hopefully we will have the opportunity to actually do some trick or treating. Our area has been drenched in downpour after downpour this week and around 3:00 the sun came out! Yay! It might be a soggy trick or treat but I think a certain little lion cub will still enjoy himself!

I hope that you all have a wonderful evening! Stay safe and to my Houston friends, try to stay dry!!






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