Some “Me” Space

Everyone deserves a small space to call their own. For my son, it would be the colorful tent in his room and for my husband it would probably be his car (his other baby). I wouldn’t say that I have one specific “spot” in our house but I am working on it…

Not long after moving in, we got a nice desk for Geoff to do his homework. For the past year he made due sitting in an arm chair that we reupholstered but last month we finally broke down and got him a desk chair. It has been a welcomed change in his last semester. On the other hand, I now find myself with an extra arm chair… Oh, the possibilities!

There is a little space in front of the window in our room, on my side of the bed, and I am very seriously considering making it a small desk area. Nothing huge… just a small space to sit, gather my thoughts, research and write.

Here is the inspiration thus far:

I love the clean simplicity here mixed with abstract artwork.

Another simple yet stunning work space.

Did I mention and I am having a major crush on gold tones?

My space will more than likely be in front of a window… much like so.

And then I spotted this jaw-dropping little number…


I just love the desk shown. Worlds Away always ends up making something that I fall for.

And yet… it looks remarkably similar to this $40 desk by Ikea.

I see an Ikea Hack in my future!

4 thoughts on “Some “Me” Space

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