Office Chic

I did a post late last year called, Some “Me” Space showing you some of the inspiration for the personal desk space I have been dreaming of implementing in our home.

However, I keep stumbling upon more and more beautifully chic office inspration. I thought I’d share a bit more of it with you today.

Via fancy things blog

Via fancy things blog

I don’t know that I’ll ever get tired of nailheads… and just look at their use on an upholstered pinboard below.

Via A Girl Named Bong

Via A Girl Named Bong

I am just a little enamoured with the lacquer desk and gold lighting in this next space.

via La Dolce Vita

via La Dolce Vita



And my recent favorite…

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

I just love the combination of metal finishes on this desk. Campaign hardware, silver nailheads and a beautiful pair of legs. I’m not sure if I should call them saw horse legs… It doesn’t seem to do them justice.

Have a fantastic Tuesday and keep your eyes open for a new series I’ll be doing on Friday!



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