Friday Florals: Anemones

The romantic atmosphere of a quickly approaching Valentine’s Day next month has me looking at sweet things like flower arrangements and red and white décor. To be honest, I am on a floral kick right now… I even started a new board on Pinterest a few days ago to indulge my fancy. So this week I am kicking off a new series: Friday Florals. In each post, I’ll do a feature on a different type of flower, their uses and a little about them.

This week, the focus is on Anemones. In Greek, the word Anemone means “Daughter of the Wind” giving this bloom the nickname of “windflower.”

Anemones have seen a surge in use for bridal bouquets in recent years.

Their petals are beautifully contrasted by their distinct centers.

Currently, there are some wonderful faux arrangements on One Kings Lane for their “Love is in the Air” sale.

Personally, I am thinking about doing an arrangement with a few “real touch” anemones in the very near future for my home. Possibly something for my new desktop? Or a casual cluster on the dining table?

2 thoughts on “Friday Florals: Anemones

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