Friday Florals – Roses

First, I want to start off by saying Happy Valentine’s Day! What a perfect day to feature this week’s Friday Floral, the Rose!

Admittedly, I am eating chocolate while writing this post… but it’s ok today, right?

Roses are basically the quintessential flower for love, romance and beauty. There are over 100 species of roses and a vast array or color options to say the least! It is relatively common knowledge that the color of a rose conveys a certain meaning or symbolism. If you are not acquainted with those meanings, I found this great chart with the meanings of rose colors on Pinterest. (I didn’t know most of these myself until finding this chart)

Roses have always been synonymous with loveliness and splendor.

“I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.”
– L. M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island

I would certainly never mind receiving a parcel like the one below!

Roses are frequently arranged with one another. Either with roses of the same color…

…or a mix of color varieties.

However, some of my favorite arrangements feature roses amongst a variety or greenery and other flowers.

Not to be forgotten is the wild rose. This beauty has always been a personal favorite and I would love to grow it in my own garden one day.

Then again, I think there are many types of roses I will attempt to grow when the time comes.

Here are some great tips for growing roses:

And another I found for propagating any you already may be growing:

On a side note, I just want to put it out there to any husband, boyfriend or significant other out there whom may be reading this post… I can say with almost complete certainty that the vast majority of women would be happy with a beautiful bouquet of roses today.

However, if you want to go the extra mile and show the person in your life how much they matter to you, one of the other flowers featured on past Friday Florals (The Peony, Ranunculus, & Anemones) would probably be a fun and unique change of pace. Of course, a woman’s favorite flower is never a bad plan either!

Remember, cards and flowers are not the most important thing today; it’s taking the time to show your loved one that you care!

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day, once again!


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