Fall & Thanksgiving Fun

Over the past few weeks, I have loved seeing our Fall decor on display. Autumn has been surprisingly chilly here in Houston, but I have been loving every frigid minute of it! For once, it feels like there might be four actual seasons in Texas.

Once again, my Chevron Burlap Wreath has donned our front door.

Christopher has been enjoying all of the “punkins” currently displayed on top of our entertainment center (the closest thing I have to a mantle).

While our Jack-O-Lantern is long out of commission…

The dining table centerpiece is still intact. Though, it’s a miracle that the contents have not yet been commandeered for 3 year old juggling practice.

Pressed leaves are on exhibit, but only for a limited time!

Soon, I’ll be packing up Autumn and unveiling Christmas.

Until then, have a spectacular Thanksgiving! Cherish the memories made as well as the ones you make them with!

Via Shop Ruche


~ Corinne


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