Thrifted Mirror Redo

Happy Saturday!

It is a gorgeous day here and the beginning of a Texas spring is within reach. The songbirds have returned to the trees in our neighborhood and we are enjoying a break from the rain and chill of the past few days.

I bought this mirror about 2 years ago at Goodwill. It was a very heavy and sturdy piece the only issue was that the wire on the back was broken. So I grabbed it.

I especially liked the classic style of the frame… timeless.

It dutifully sat in my son’s closet for about a year until I painted the frame and then another year until I managed to replace the wire. (Not all DIY projects are finished overnight) At Christmas I really wanted to have it behind the apothecary jars above our entertainment center, but didn’t get around to hanging it until after the Christmas decorations came down.

I decided to continue using the apothecary jars throughout the year and fill them with seasonal greenery, etc.

I am so pleased with the result!

I used a few of my milk glass items and added a hint of pink.


Now, I’m off to do a bit more cleaning then enjoy this fantastic weather outside!


Have a great weekend!




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