Checking In

This has been one of those weeks where I wake up on Friday morning and say, “Where did the week go?!” We are super busy at the firm where I work and I am really excited about our upcoming projects! The days have been filled with ordering, quotes and client presentations. Meanwhile, I have been in a clean out and throw away mood at home. I cleaned out our laundry room and it is such a liberating feeling. Next on the list is the pantry and our closet!

I am also working on selections for a small living room project on my own. Here is a sneak peak of things so far:


I am still working on a few things for our kitchen to spruce things up a bit more. Also in the works are new items for our deck.

With such a busy week, we are looking forward soaking up some southern sun this weekend!


Hope you can do the same!


What are you up to this weekend?


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