The Classic White Kitchen

A short time ago a friend of mine asked for advice on what color to refinish/repaint her kitchen cabinets.

My immediate response… paint it white.

White kitchens are a quintessential favorite. They are bright, airy and fresh. Wood grains can begin to date themselves as well as trend specific colors (i.e. 70s avocado); however, white cabinets never seem to go out of style.


Via Style Me Pretty


Via Luxe


Via Liz Marie blog


Via Hooked on Houses


Via House Beautiful


Via Liz Marie blog


Via Better Homes and Gardens


Via Pinterest


If you’re not a fan of stark white kitchens there are always alternatives. Creamy antique white is another timeless color option or applying an antique glaze can soften existing white cabinets.

Via Pinterest


Via Carla Aston


Via Liz Marie blog


Alternatively, selecting a contrast wall color or backsplash can be another way to infuse color.

Via Jackson Built Homes


Via Houzz


What finish/color are your kitchen cabinets? How do you like them?





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