Friday Florals – Succulents

It’s the beginning of Rodeo season in Houston and western elements are all around. It’s such a fun time in our city and Texas pride is at max capacity. In that spirit, the wild west atmosphere reminded me of a topic I started writing a post on a while back and never finished: Succulents! So it’s time to resurrect Friday Florals; a series that I started last year and woefully neglected.

Succulents are great plants to start gardening with. They are fairly resilient and are used to arid environments. They don’t grow very fast, so they can be a great window sill or other indoor plant.

These gorgeous growths have become wildly popular in recent years; and for good reason…


Succulents are easily paired and combined with one another for a soothing aesthetic.



They seamlessly pair with just about any container as well.


Of course, one of the most popular ways to grow succulents are in a terrarium. There is a certain effortless elegance about succulents being used in this type of setting.

Almost any glass object can be used to house these beauties.

I can’t talk about succulents without mentioning their immergence in bridal and wedding schemes.

Succulents can be incorporated into centerpieces…

… and I just might be addicted to succulent bouquets!




If I were getting married today, I would probably have to incorporate some of these into my scheme.

Do you like to incorporate succulents into your décor?


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