Chinoiserie Chic: Ginger Jars

Well, Hello!

Somehow I managed to only do one post in the whole month of June (oops!) and I am looking forward to catching back up this month. Often times, I find that I am more apt to post to Instagram when I am super busy with work, etc. Last month was a prime example. Now that things have settled down a bit, I have some great new reveals coming up as well as a fun new series.

This will be the first installment of a new series of posts I am calling, Chinoiserie Chic. I’ll be highlighting accessories, furnishings and materials with a Far East vibe.

One of the most popular ways to incorporate an eclectic Asian feel into a space is with the use of Ginger Jars as accessories. These vessels were originally used to transport spices from the orient. Eventually, ginger jars became a collectable item themselves.

Frequently, ginger jars are used as accent pieces and usually can be found in decorative groupings. Blue and white are by far the most popular color combination…

Via PopSugar


Via Traditional Home

Via Calling it Home

Via House Beautiful

Via Wisteria

Via Nell Hills Blog


Via It’s A Wonderful Palmetto Life


Alternative color offerings are equally as striking and exquisite.


Via My Luscious Life

Via Etsy

Via Indigo Dreams

Via Eddie Ross


In addition to multicolor options, monochromatic ginger jars make a more modern statement while still alluding to a traditional profile.




Another popular use for ginger jars would be to use them as lamp bases. Their sturdy yet attractive shape along with their decorative finishes create an optimal aesthetic.







Last, the classic appeal of ginger jars has been inspiration for both artwork and wallcoverings. I think I like these beauties just as much as the real thing!


Via Etsy


Via Etsy


Via Stroheim

Via Kaffe Fassett


Ginger jars are an excellent way on incorporating a touch of Chinoiserie style into a space. I love that they are not a trendy Asian piece. They have been a design staple for so many years that they have become timeless classics!

Would you integrate ginger jars into your home’s décor? If so, how?


I hope you have enjoyed my first Chinoiserie Chic post. More to come soon!


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