Maggie’s Dorm: Part 2

Yesterday, in Part 1, I went over the inspiration for my baby sister, Maggie’s, dorm room as well as some of the selections. We wanted to make this a comfortable space that felt warm and cozy as opposed to a cold and impersonal cinderblock box. Maggie has a spunky and fun personality, so we wanted the decor to reflect that.

Once we had selected the main decorative elements, such as duvet cover, desk accessories, armchair and rug, we needed to fill in with lighting, art and accessories.

In general, dormitories employ overhead fluorescent lighting. While very functional, it does not provide the same ambiance as other forms of lighting such as floor lamps, table lamps and desk lamps. Maggie already had an adorable desk lamp from IKEA so the only remaining item needed was an adequate floor or table lamp. In this case, we decided to use a vintage piece from our parents’ house (aka free). It was a 70’s era floor lamp/table in a slightly dated wood tone with a more formal shade. We painted it navy, grabbed a new drum shade at IKEA, added some grosgrain ribbon and voila!

(Sorry for all of the cell phone pics! Somehow I never end up with photos of the individual items!)

To finish everything off, we picked up some fantastic artwork, cork boards, greenery, and decorative accessories at Hobby Lobby. However, the finishing touch to the artwork in the room was a piece of string art, done by our sister Becca, with the university’s logo. I love the look of string art, but I am sad to admit, I have never tried making a piece of my own. Becca has become quite accomplished in creating it and should possibly think of opening an Etsy shop. (wink, wink!)

With all of that being said…. It’s time for the grand reveal!

We raised the bed to accommodate a mini-fridge and lots of stackable, rolling IKEA storage below.

The floor lamp got an extra boost from a milk crate so that it would be high enough to comfortably light the bed. Since the light had a three-way switch, we were able to use a 75/100/150 bulb to offer multiple brightness levels.

20150822_211502 (2)

The pillows are a mixture designer fabrics that were in our free stash. Often, with less than a yard, we were able to get one pillow from a small piece of fabric. This is where spending a bit more can make a big impact!

The chair looks fantastic with Dritz Polished Brass Nailhead Trim. We used the same type of nailhead tape that I have used on my desk chair and Greek Key Headboard.

Meanwhile, a funky and fun accent pillow finishes off the look!

For the desk area, we decided to keep things simple on the shelves. We love the combination of the geometric pattern of the HEJSAN accessories with the SKURAR pots and greenery. A few gold metallic pieces and three prism shaped objets pulled everything together!

The curtains were a steal at Tuesday Morning and present a neutral enough color and design that they go well with the décor of any roommate.

I think this will be a calming yet practical space for late night study sessions!

Last, but not least… The beautiful FLOR tile rug:

I completely forgot to take a photo of the rug before we headed out on Move-in day! So Maggie was nice enough to send this pic earlier in the week. It is already getting a lot of use!

We had an absolute blast planning, DIY-ing and installing this comfy slice dormitory heaven! More importantly, it was a blessing to be able to start off Maggie’s college career in a space where she feels comfortable and inspired!

I’d love to see other fun dorm room designs! Have you done anything fun with dorm décor?

Maggie’s Dorm: Part 1

This past weekend was a milestone for our family. My youngest sister, the baby of the family, moved into her college dorm! It also so just happened that 10 years ago I moved into my first college dorm a few feet away at the very same university.

It was a mixture of budding enthusiasm for her new endeavor in life as well as nostalgia while thinking back to my college years!

Nostalgia aside, we were all eager to get our sweet Maggie settled in!

A few years ago I did a few posts about our sister Becca’s Dorm Inspiration, her Dorm Reveal as well as a 7 Ways to Make a Dorm Room Feel Like Home. We wanted to create an equally cozy room in this space, so we decided to go with a cheerful color scheme and layer playful patterns.

This was the original inspiration for our design. As you may remember from the makeover of her room in our parent’s home, Maggie enjoys color! We knew that we were working with a very blank canvas, but wanted Maggie’s vibrant personality to shine through in the space!

We pinned a few other ideas and inspirations, but our jumping off point came with the items below:

We loved the neutral background and large geometric lines of the IKEA PS 2014 Duvet Cover. Maggie was not sure about this duvet at first, but when she saw it in person… it was a done deal!

*(I will warn you there is only low stock of this item at best because it was a 2014 collection item)

Then we fell for the HEJSAN desk accessory set… We knew Maggie’s desk area would be limited on space but this collection was a great way to incorporate some much needed color and fun!

For dorms, and especially for someone starting out, IKEA can be the perfect place to start.

Our next major hurdles were a rug for the space and a comfy yet functional (not enormous or expensive) armchair. In both of these areas, we were blessed to receive free alternatives that we were able to DIY into fabulous items. (eek!)

This armchair was a dinged up and dust covered sample frame that our upholstery company was nice enough to give me. Seen here on a forgotten shelf in the warehouse.

We recovered it and added nailhead trim to finish it off. Consequently, upholstery is not always for the faint of heart! This little chair consumed a few hours of one Saturday. Note to self: striped fabric curved furniture is attractive, but maybe I’ll have a pro do it next time!

My little nugget chilling out in the semi-finished piece in Grammy and Poppa’s living room. The finished piece will be in tomorrow’s Part 2.

Last, I had been given a stack of FLOR tiles that were originally used as a temporary solution for a client. They had been sitting in the back of my car taking up space until we realized that they might work in the dorm perfectly.

There were an awkward quantity of each color, but we fiddled around with a few different designs.

… You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out which one!

I’ll be posting the reveal and more info about the finishing touches and accessories. I just can’t wait to show you!

Ikea – Items to Love in 2016


The question going around the blogosphere this week is, “Did you get the new Ikea catalog yet?”


If you did, consider yourself lucky as some are still waiting for them to come in the mail. I would not necessarily call myself an Ikea addict, but many of their items grace my home. Ikea is renowned worldwide for making decent products at affordable prices. Every year when their catalog comes out, new products are displayed and hosts of their other merchandise is staged in inviting and accessible spaces.

As I turned the pages of the 2016 catalog, here are some items I found particularly tempting:


Beginning with new items, the SINNERLIG collection will be one to keep an eye out for this fall. With natural textures and clean lines, I think this will become a fan favorite


This new MOCKELBY trestle table will certainly be a new staple.

Meanwhile, one could set this beautiful table with the new SITTNING collection.


Although they are already being sold in stores, the FJALLA boxes are an excellent and attractive storage option.

And I love the new RADVIKEN chair!

The new TJUSIG collection will have you reorganizing your entry/mudroom.

The ALMASTA chair is probably another soon-to-be favorite of mine.


This particular product really caught my eye. I have been seeing lots of patterns like this in high end fabrics and I am supremely impressed with the style and vibrancy of this new print!


As you flip through the pages of the new catalog, you may find yourself drawn to a few of their existing pieces.


I am very fond of the HOLMSEL chair and its tasteful lines.


I am still trying to find an excuse to buy place to use the ALSEDA stool. It would be fantastic both indoors and outdoors!

And the adorable BRADA would be great for a dorm or teen room!


The TORKIS boasts many utilitarian uses from laundry basket to doggy bath.


However, I will be forever drawn to the STOCKHOLM chandelier. This is the closest my current budget could get to a gorgeous crystal chandelier… and in the case of the STOCKHOLM… I’m perfectly OK with that!



If you are not on IKEA’s catalog mailing list or would like to view the 2016 catalog online, follow this link to see more.


Would you like to use any of these pieces in your home? What is your favorite IKEA piece?




*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed above are my own.*


Chinoiserie Chic: Ginger Jars

Well, Hello!

Somehow I managed to only do one post in the whole month of June (oops!) and I am looking forward to catching back up this month. Often times, I find that I am more apt to post to Instagram when I am super busy with work, etc. Last month was a prime example. Now that things have settled down a bit, I have some great new reveals coming up as well as a fun new series.

This will be the first installment of a new series of posts I am calling, Chinoiserie Chic. I’ll be highlighting accessories, furnishings and materials with a Far East vibe.

One of the most popular ways to incorporate an eclectic Asian feel into a space is with the use of Ginger Jars as accessories. These vessels were originally used to transport spices from the orient. Eventually, ginger jars became a collectable item themselves.

Frequently, ginger jars are used as accent pieces and usually can be found in decorative groupings. Blue and white are by far the most popular color combination…

Via PopSugar


Via Traditional Home

Via Calling it Home

Via House Beautiful

Via Wisteria

Via Nell Hills Blog


Via It’s A Wonderful Palmetto Life


Alternative color offerings are equally as striking and exquisite.


Via My Luscious Life

Via Etsy

Via Indigo Dreams

Via Eddie Ross


In addition to multicolor options, monochromatic ginger jars make a more modern statement while still alluding to a traditional profile.




Another popular use for ginger jars would be to use them as lamp bases. Their sturdy yet attractive shape along with their decorative finishes create an optimal aesthetic.







Last, the classic appeal of ginger jars has been inspiration for both artwork and wallcoverings. I think I like these beauties just as much as the real thing!


Via Etsy


Via Etsy


Via Stroheim

Via Kaffe Fassett


Ginger jars are an excellent way on incorporating a touch of Chinoiserie style into a space. I love that they are not a trendy Asian piece. They have been a design staple for so many years that they have become timeless classics!

Would you integrate ginger jars into your home’s décor? If so, how?


I hope you have enjoyed my first Chinoiserie Chic post. More to come soon!


Four Favorites – 4th Edition

Hi There!

Checking in this week with another Four Favorites post. I’ve been out of commission posting while the plumbing in our townhome was being replaced. The work was completed late last week and we are putting things back together slowly but surely.

I am certainly ready to get back to a few DIY projects I’ve had in mind and am excited to share them with you soon.

Here are some items that have caught my fancy over the past few weeks.


1) Pierced Porcelain Tealights, 2) Amaryllis Measuring Cups, 3) Monogrammed Garland Ring Dish, 4) Retro Magnetic Timer

More on some DIY projects in the works and our deck décor early next week.