Little Joys

Hi there!

I’m just popping in for a quick post today… Do you ever have a day where you remember just how great the little joys in life can be?

What are my little joys today? A spring break trip to see family with a few of my favorite people, the open road combined with satellite radio, and a few new items for my kitchen.

After last week’s Four Favorites post, I decided to purchase the pretty little spoon rest from Anthropologie. This fetching bowl also caught my eye. I try to use a trash bowl when cooking because I find that I go much faster without frequent trips to the trash can. Both items were opened and positioned in their new locale.

Occasionally, the smallest details can brighten a cloudy day!

Later this week, I’ll be sharing about a side project that’s been in the works.

Is there something small in your house that instantly improves your day?

Four Favorites

Ever have a week where you wish you could just curl up in bed and read a good book? For me, this is one of them.
It’s been fairly blah thus far between the time change, rainy days and cloudy skies.

Nevertheless, I did some web surfing/shopping over the past few days to get me out of this funk and here are four of my favorite things right now:

1) Spoon Rest 2) Hobnail Bottles 3) Prisma Frame 4) Bettina Notecards


I have been on the prowl for a cute spoon rest for a while now and the one above was the winner.

Have you seen any fun items while browsing lately?


Checking In

This has been one of those weeks where I wake up on Friday morning and say, “Where did the week go?!” We are super busy at the firm where I work and I am really excited about our upcoming projects! The days have been filled with ordering, quotes and client presentations. Meanwhile, I have been in a clean out and throw away mood at home. I cleaned out our laundry room and it is such a liberating feeling. Next on the list is the pantry and our closet!

I am also working on selections for a small living room project on my own. Here is a sneak peak of things so far:


I am still working on a few things for our kitchen to spruce things up a bit more. Also in the works are new items for our deck.

With such a busy week, we are looking forward soaking up some southern sun this weekend!


Hope you can do the same!


What are you up to this weekend?


Thrifted Mirror Redo

Happy Saturday!

It is a gorgeous day here and the beginning of a Texas spring is within reach. The songbirds have returned to the trees in our neighborhood and we are enjoying a break from the rain and chill of the past few days.

I bought this mirror about 2 years ago at Goodwill. It was a very heavy and sturdy piece the only issue was that the wire on the back was broken. So I grabbed it.

I especially liked the classic style of the frame… timeless.

It dutifully sat in my son’s closet for about a year until I painted the frame and then another year until I managed to replace the wire. (Not all DIY projects are finished overnight) At Christmas I really wanted to have it behind the apothecary jars above our entertainment center, but didn’t get around to hanging it until after the Christmas decorations came down.

I decided to continue using the apothecary jars throughout the year and fill them with seasonal greenery, etc.

I am so pleased with the result!

I used a few of my milk glass items and added a hint of pink.


Now, I’m off to do a bit more cleaning then enjoy this fantastic weather outside!


Have a great weekend!




December in Review

I know that I’m totally late in posting this, but I wanted to give you a little taste of our holiday season. I posted several things on Instagram, but didn’t have time to do my usual Christmas post. Better late than never right?!

We started decking the halls in our kiddo’s room with a kid friendly tree all his own.


Then travelled to Old Time Christmas Tree Farm and cut down a family tree.


I added a gold burlap garland this year and still don’t know how I feel about it…


While Christmas shopping, I ran into these reproduction ornaments on sale and may or may not have bought all but one box in the store…


… They are the same brand as my great-grandmothers ornaments, circa 1930s, that don my tree every year.


My favorite decorations this year were the addition of apothecaries filled with ceramic village pieces.

The ceramic buildings were Target clearance finds from the previous year. We loved the warmth these charming edifices added to the holiday décor!


We focused a lot of our time and effort on making this season a magical occasion for our son. On several occasions, we made time to drive around our area and look at Christmas lights. We also attended Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo for the first time. It was an enchanting experience for all three of us and a fantastic family activity for those thinking of attending next year.


There were many stories of Santa and Rudolph…


…But our focus remained on the nativity and the coming of our newborn Savior.


We had wonderful times with family and friends. Although part of me is sad that the holidays have passed, I am excited for a new year.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!


How did you spend the holiday season?