Happy New Year’s 2015

Hello to All!

2014 has shaped up to be a great year! I have been thinking a lot today about my resolutions/goals for this new year.

There are a few things in my life that I would like to improve. Mostly, I would like to be a more healthy, content and well-rounded person. With that being said, here are my goals for 2015 (resolutions are often broken… so I’m going with the term goal instead!)



This year, I want to be joyful and content in my thoughts and attitude. I want to smile more often and more easily in my daily life. Last year, I got back into the habit of regularly reading books for the first time since my little boy was born and I can’t wait to continue that in the new year. I want very much to carve out enough time to stop by at my little corner of the blogosphere and say hello! I was a bit more lax last year in both my eating and exercise habits and have, unfortunately, regretted the consequences. I have been thinking about each item on this list for at least the past month and I am ready to get to work!

Of course, it will be a miracle if I get used to writing the date correctly by March!

Nonetheless, Cheers to a wonderful year in 2015!


Are you writing down any resolutions or goals this year?

Fall & Thanksgiving Fun

Over the past few weeks, I have loved seeing our Fall decor on display. Autumn has been surprisingly chilly here in Houston, but I have been loving every frigid minute of it! For once, it feels like there might be four actual seasons in Texas.

Once again, my Chevron Burlap Wreath has donned our front door.

Christopher has been enjoying all of the “punkins” currently displayed on top of our entertainment center (the closest thing I have to a mantle).

While our Jack-O-Lantern is long out of commission…

The dining table centerpiece is still intact. Though, it’s a miracle that the contents have not yet been commandeered for 3 year old juggling practice.

Pressed leaves are on exhibit, but only for a limited time!

Soon, I’ll be packing up Autumn and unveiling Christmas.

Until then, have a spectacular Thanksgiving! Cherish the memories made as well as the ones you make them with!

Via Shop Ruche


~ Corinne


Last Week

My news feed this morning is flooded with photos of little cuties on their first day of school! Which reminded me, I have not posted Christopher’s First day pic here on the blog. Christopher started at his new school last Wednesday. My baby is in PreK3 this year!

(Yes, that is an unprompted thumbs-up in the photo on the left)

He has gone straight into his class without any upset every day thus far! We are so proud of this big boy! (tear!)


Also last week, I had an hour or so to kill between client meetings and I just so happened to be in the area near two of my favorite thrift stores, The Blue Bird Circle and The Guild Shop. (Another great spot is the Charity Guild of Catholic Women) I was specifically looking for a pair of wall shelves to go on either side of my framed marble paper in our dining room.

I had no luck at The Blue Bird Circle. Although, as luck would have it, I found a fantastic pair at The Guild Shop!


These are the perfect size and style, but I was not sure about the finish at first (an easy fix). After hanging them, I think I like them just as they are.

The plate shown in the photo above was also a Guild Shop find. I had to go through each stack in their dish room to find this little beauty, but I happen to think she was well worth the sweat equity!

With the shelves up, I decided to move two vintage plates from my ever-changing-never-fininshed bookshelves above each shelf. (The plates are attached to the wall with Command Strips just in case… this is not my first rodeo)


Naturally, since the two plates above vacated the bookshelves, I had to rearrange them… again. Thankfully, my poor hubs was at a work dinner. The man probably thinks I’m a bookcase nut case (pun intended)… Oh, well!

Hopefully, the bazillionth time is the charm. I always leave the bookshelves alone for a few days after moving things. Just to make sure how I really feel. So far we are on day 5 and no changes… We may have a winner!

I’ll try to share this week if I still love it.

Last, while hubs worked on my car, I finally finished staining the nightstand for Christopher’s room to match the dresser I did about 2 years ago. More on that later as well… Here is a preview for now:


How did you wrap up the end of summer?

I’m loving that my new work schedule is allowing a little more time for me to work on my blogging. Hope to be back again this week with more goodies!



Paper Source – Kate Spade

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I was finally flipping through the Paper Source pamphlet that went out a few weeks ago.

On page eight I was greeted by some particularly fun items from Paper Source’s new Kate Spade collection.

So I logged on the good old world-wide-web and found even more wonderful goodies. I have mentioned my recent penchant for office supplies/décor in a post earlier this year. Suffice it to say, I now have a few more items in the yes, please column. I selected my 12 favorites (out of 14 items).

1. Note Set 2. Agenda 3. Paper Clips 4. Stationery

5. Coasters 6. Erasers 7. Pencils 8. File

9. Pencil Case 10. Agenda 11. Notebooks 12. Stationery


Delightful, chic, fabulous. I feel like there is a little piece of Paris in these items…

I don’t know about you, but Paper Source is the kind of place where I can get in a lot of trouble!


Hope you have a fantastic day!


– Corinne

Happy 4th!

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July today!

I made a new wreath for our front door this week and I am so happy with the result!

4th of July Wreath

4th of July Wreath

Or little man had a 4th of July parade at school yesterday. It was absolutely precious with all of the kids dress in patriotic gear.

4th of July Parade

4th of July Parade

We will be spending the day with family and there will undoubtedly be plenty of grilling and pyrotechnics!