Tutorial: Train Decor, Banner and Signs

Any self respecting railroad would certainly have signs along their route… Our train themed party was no different!


These Railroad signs were made in Word much like the invitations in my last post.

I used the Circle tool with yellow fill and black border, two black lines made the large x, and a text box for the two R’s. Then, I used the align tool to center everything and printed them on card stock.

The idea for the next sign came from Pinterest. This was made by making two rectangular text boxes with black borders then rotating one 90 degrees.
2 Yr. Old Corssing

The Happy Birthday banner was designed with triangles. I used the diagonal fill again and alternated the three colors in my theme.


After they were printed to card stock, I cut them out an used hot glue to attach them to my ribbon. (Have you ever known a crafty person not to use a hot glue gun… I don’t think so!) The result was one of my favorite elements of the party decor.

IMG_8744 IMG_8743

I spotted these adorable bottle covers seen on Pinterest (where else?).

via Pinterest

And did my own version. The rectangles are 1.5″ high and 10″wide.

Bottle Wrappers1

Did I mention that I went a little crazy with this party?! haha!

Last, I inserted one last pun into the decor. These were made with the same Avery note cards and basic design that I used for the invitations.



Just like in the last post, the templates for these decorations are provided below:


2 Yr Old Crossing


Bottle Wrappers


Tomorrow I plan tell you how I made the cake pops and all about my favorite party accent… Christopher’s birthday shirt!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. Any opinions shown here are my own. Using printables can be tricky at times. La Salle Design Blog is not responsible for any printing mishaps that may be associated with these files.

Tutorial: Train Invitations, Thank You Cards and Name Tags

Yesterday I posted about the train party that I recently did for my son. Let me tell you… If I wasn’t in Interior Design, I might just be in Event Planning! So much fun!

Once I decided on a theme, I did a lot of research on printables.

via Ellison Reed on Etsy

Via TracieAnn Printables on Etsy

I liked some of the options that I found, but most of them were not quite right. As usual, I started to realize that I could create most of these designs myself. On another note, I have used Avery office products at work in the past and I envisioned using a few of their products for the invitations, thank you cards and name tags.

Obviously, the first place to start was the invitations. I used the Avery Notecards shown here as the medium for both invitations and thank you cards. Once I had the medium selected, I was able to download the template from the Avery website (using the template number on the box) and create my design in Word.

Here is a breakdown of how I created the design for the exterior of the invitations:
8315 Invitations1

I created a separate document for the interior of the notecards, using the same motif.
8315 Invitations - Inside

After getting all of the details just how I wanted them, I printed a test page to ensure that my alignment was alright. First, I printed the exterior designs making sure that each page fed into my printer correctly and there were no ink smudges. A few minutes later, I printed the interior designs. And Voila!


For the Thank You cards, I didn’t want to limit writing space on the interior of the cards. Once again, I used the motif from the invitations and changed the text.
8315 Thank you


Last, I used another Avery product for the name tags. This kit provides both holders and name tags. Again, I downloaded the Avery template and used various shapes and fills within Word to design the name tags.

Name Tags on Template2


Again, I did a test page and carefully printed each sheet.

Whew! That was a lot of explaining and I hope that you enjoyed seeing the process! Reading over this tutorial I am thinking to myself, “Wow, that looks easy!” Rest assured, there were about 10 other versions that did not make the final cut. But I was able to design and print exactly what I had envisioned for my son’s party. Having that option was very important to me and I enjoyed creating something of my own!

There are a lot of options out there on Etsy for printable invitations, but I have decided to make my printables available to you here. They are the raw Word documents so you can alter them for your own event or use them as a jumping off point for your own designs!

Name Tags on Template2

Note: This is not a sponsored post. Any opinions shown here are my own. Using printables can be tricky at times. La Salle Design Blog is not responsible for any printing mishaps that may be associated with these files.






Poinsettia Christmas Wreath

Mini vent: I have been trying to complete this post for OVER a week. I actually did this project and wrote the post the weekend before last but have been having issues uploading photos for the past week. Thankfully, I seem to have figured out the problem with the photo up-loader! Yay!

We had a very busy weekend at our house (the weekend before last). It started off with the AC going out in the middle of our ridiculous 80 degree heat, followed by a call to the landlord and having to wait till Saturday for a technician (apparently this was happening to a lot of people). Thank the Lord it was a quick fix. Then Christopher had a bad stomach bug that wrecked a good portion of our Saturday and made for a little guy who was just not quite himself.

On the bright side, all of the time at home meant that I had lots of time for projects and Christmas Decorating!! I escaped to the craft store during one of Christopher’s long naps and came back with lots of goodies. Although it is had to get into the Christmas spirit while wearing shorts… we Houstonians do what we can!

My goal for the craft store was to get supplies for a Christmas wreath. Lets just say that I accomplished that goal and may or may not have surpassed it… Who doesn’t get a little carried away in the craft store from time to time?  🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, I like to look around at inspiration before starting on a project. Then I either put my own spin on an inspiration photo or do something totally my own. This project was the latter.

I started off with a simple grape vine wreath. Then I wrapped it sparingly with burlap ribbon.


Next, I added a translucent pearl strand around the center of the burlap ribbon. I made sure to tack pearl strand with hot glue at the back and front of the wreath so that it would stay at the center of the burlap ribbon.


Then I added gold poinsettias to the top and bottom areas. Somehow I missed taking a photo with just the poinsettias…

I also found a cute set of assorted metallic and glittered jingle bells while at the craft store. I love hearing jingle bells when a door opens during the holidays so I decided to add them sporadically around the wreath.


I added a little more of the translucent pearl strand to the back of the wreath to hang it from.

Then I added the final touch with this wood cut W. At first, I considered painting it a gold or silver. In the end, I liked it with the natural wood.


And here is the finished product!



Have you made any Holiday Decor for your home this year?

I have done a lot more of holiday decorating this year and will show you everything so far in a few days… The good news is that I will be attempting to post a Mid-Week Makeover tomorrow!!!

That is… if I do not have further photo issues (fingers crossed)

Christopher’s Room: Framed Lulu DK

Hello again!

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend. We took our family pictures today in the pumpkins and hopefully I can show you a preview of them tomorrow!

So you may have seen the post that I did Friday about the map that is now hanging in Christopher’s Room… Today I am going to show you some additional artwork that I have in the room.

You may also remember the post that I did on fabric designer Lulu DK and her fabulous Children’s line at Schumacher. I recently decided to frame a few of the fabrics and hang them above Christopher’s bed.

Here are the fabrics that I decided to use:

Lulu DK Skittles in Blueberry/Sky

Lulu DK Sailboat in Sky

Lulu DK Macaroni in Blueberry/Sky

I was able to obtain some small pieces of these fabrics and went to good ‘ole Walmart for some frames on one of my lunch breaks this week. I snagged some frames for $3.00 each and finally carved out some time to assemble them on Thursday night.

Obviously, the first step is to open the back of the frame and take out the less than desirable example photo.

Next, I cut the fabric pieces to be slightly larger than the opening of the mat…

Then taped them in place…

And put them back into the frames.

All that I really used were the scissors, tape and a few command hooks to hang them. It might have taken me a total of 15 minutes to pop the fabrics into the frames and Voila! fun artwork…

And here they are installed Christopher’s room:

Christopher admiring the new artwork in his PJs

This is a really great way to use a small piece of a fabric that you might like to feature in a child’s room or any other room for that matter. Maybe you can’t afford to make draperies or bedding in a statement fabric… Framing the fabric as artwork can be a great alternative that will still make a statement!

Have you framed a fabric to serve as artwork?

Christopher’s Room: Map of the US

Hello All!

I will start off by apologizing for my absence the past two weeks. We had an incredibly busy few weeks. Murphy’s law has been the status quo lately. We have had everything from a severe pipe leak to foot injuries!

My hiatus has ended and I have completed a few of the projects that I mentioned in my previous post, Upcoming Projects.

I fell in love with a Mr. Printables map of the US that I saw via Shannon Berrey’s blog post. There are several format options on Mr. Printable’s site for this particular map (Color, B&W, Grey, etc).

The first time that I printed the map 36″W x 24″H and  used the black and white option. I thought that it would be fun to use my rendering markers and pencils to do a custom color palette. That idea was great in theory, but not in practice. I rendered/colored a plaid design on the western states and realized that I hated how it looked and scrapped that idea. (I will spare you from the photos)

Next, I printed the map in color. As you may be able to see in the photo of the map above, the background of the map is a pale peach/tan color. My plotter printed this as a pin/salmon. I would have been fine with that print had I been hanging the map in a playroom or schoolroom setting. However, I did not think that it would jive with the green/blue/brown color scheme in that room.

So the issue became, How can I get the color version of the map without the peach background? Some of you may be saying, “Take it out with photoshop or illustrator.” Not an option because all Mr. Printables PDFs are locked to all editing. In the end, I decided to print the jisaw puzzle version of the color map and scale it to fit a tabloid size page (11″ x 17″).

By printing the map this way I was able to get the adorable colored states sans peach background AND it still would be the right size for the 36″ x 24″ frame that I was wanting to use.

Long story short, I cut out the states and ran to my local Target for a poster frame setting me back just $9.99.

States all cut out

Then took apart the frame, glued on the states, and put it all back together. *Note: make sure that you do not crack the corner of your plexiglass while on the way home like I did!

Framing the Map

Last, I used a handy-dandy Command hook to hang the map on Christopher’s wall.

Completed Map

And here is a view from the doorway:

I like that even behind the plexi glass, you can still see that the map is not all one piece. Call me crazy but I think that it adds character!

Deep in the Heart of Texas

I am loving the new artwork in Christopher’s room and I can’t wait to start pointing out and teaching him the states in our great nation.

Do you have any artwork in your child’s room?