Feminine Fresh Design Board


I hope you’re having a great weekend! Today I’m excited to be showing you a side project of mine!

Back in February I mentioned that I was working on selections for a small living room. Recently, a teacher at my sister’s school asked for some design help. She had a great living room space with a lot of the basic furnishings. Although she had made some great furnishing choices, almost all of the pieces she had were a deep chocolate brown. Chocolate leather sofas, chocolate stained wood coffee table and entertainment center, and to top it all off she also had dark chocolate wood floors.

As I said before, all of her choices were stylish, quality items, but she had fallen into a neutral rut.

(All I have are cell phone shots of the space at this time)


After discussing things with her further, she told me about some of the items she had recently purchased: a mustard rug, coral wrought iron wall art, and a hand full of solid mustard and turquoise pillows. All of these items would work fabulously in the space with a few edits.



The more we spoke about the space the clearer my design vision became. This client wanted a space with fresh colors, inviting textures, and a feminine vibe with a country twist. The phrase that came to mind for this design was Feminine Fresh.


Drapery Panels, Pillows (no longer available), Lamp, Lamp Shade, Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3, Mirror 4, Mirror 5, Wicker Arm Chair, Pillow, Throw, Candle Holder, Hobnail Hurricanes, Chevron Frame, Lacquer Trays, Lanterns, Frame, Hobnail Vases & Seagrass Basket

To begin breaking up the sea of chocolate in the space, I suggested laying down her mustard rug beneath the coffee table. Next, by adding patterned pillows to coordinate with the solid pillows we could soften the look of the leather seating. New lamps with a classic silhouette could be added to either side of the sofa and a pair of drapery panels could be hung above the window to draw the eye upwards. By adding a wicker armchair in the corner of the room, we could maximize seating and add texture. An accent pillow and throw make this a cozy spot to relax and read.

The client’s coral wrought iron wall art could be hung above the TV with a few small mirrors. Then, wicker baskets below the TV could maximize storage for movies, etc. A lacquer tray on the coffee table would be a great place for housing magazines and remotes while also including a few accessories like a frame or candleholders. Last, decorative accessories such as frames, vases and lanterns can be used on side tables and in the open areas of the entertainment center.

All of the items shown are from affordable retailers. I love when a space can be done on a budget! The client loved these ideas and is currently working on incorporating them into her space. Hopefully, I can help her with the install and snap some “after” shots sometime soon!

As I look over this design board, I think my favorite element is the cozy wicker chair with a pillow and throw.

What is your favorite item or element?


Maggie’s Bedroom Makeover

Over this past year a progressive metamorphosis has taken place in several parts of my parent’s home. The house was built in the late 60’s but has some wonderfully traditional architectural elements such as board and batten, chair rail mouldings, etc. It has seen many updates and re-dos in the past 50 years or so, but the last major update was done in the early 2000’s. Needless to say, it was time to update paint colors and eliminate some wallpaper! Both of my younger sisters were home this summer and my mom decided to take full advantage of the free labor extra hands! About 1/3 of the house was repainted by my mom and sisters. They took down wallpaper, primed and painted their hearts out. And the best part was… they did it all by themselves!

One of the aforementioned rooms belonged to my baby sister, Maggie. Maggie is in her senior year of high school and it was time to shed the Pepto-pink walls of her preteen years! I have only one before photo, but as you can imagine, it was pink… everywhere.

Maggie requested that the new and improved space be in cool blue tones, with fun and feminine accents and a more mature vibe. I immediately thought of Schumacher’s Chang Mai Dragon in Aquamarine.

This is literally my all-time favorite fabric. The color, the design, everything about it makes my design heart sing! Maggie also fell for the entrancing dragon and we decided to use Chang Mai as the jumping off point for our color scheme.

After a heavy coat of primer, the walls were painted Valspar’s Aquatic Edge.

I love the light and vivacity this wall color brings to the space!

With orange and white accents, the room has been transformed into a sophisticated sanctuary… An enthusiastic yet tranquil retreat for an incredible young woman.

Everything you see was done with a budget in mind. The drapery panels were made from a HomeGoods shower curtain and the table lamps were $5 each at a garage sale. The feather wall art was on sale at Hobby Lobby, while the drapery hardware and lampshades are from Target. Nearly every new item purchased was either on clearance or accompanied by a coupon; and several items, like decorative frames, are thrift store finds.

Although I was on hand for the design direction, color selections and sewing projects, Maggie did a lot of the work you see here by herself. She spray painted photo frames, metal wall art and cork boards. Helped hang drapery and de-cluttered.

The floor lamp has been floating around the house for years, but it found a delightful home here, lending a hint of vintage charm.

I can’t forget to mention this adorable slipcover my mom whipped up for an outdated office chair… Did I mention that I am proud of these DIY divas?!

The top of her dresser now serves as an area to accessorize before heading out with friends. On another note, I love how the colors in the room compliment the rich wood tones of the furnishings!

My favorite project was one Maggie did completely on her own, this adorable lace monogram. She painted each letter with a color from the room, overlaid each with inexpensive lace and coated them with white spray paint. After removing the lace stencil, the finished product created a lovely grouping.

Overall, I am incredibly proud of the spunky and energetic little lady below. She put a lot of elbow grease into this room of hers and, I think you’ll agree, the result is a fabulous slice of design heaven! I surmise that we have yet another accomplished DIYer in the family!

I’m still hopelessly in love with my dearest dragon and so glad to use it in a space close to my heart!

What do you think of the room? And what are your favorite fabric crushes?