100th Post – Top 10 Posts

Happy Saturday!

I am very excited to bring you the 100th post on la sale design blog!!! To celebrate the 100th post, I’m featuring the top 10 most popular posts.


1) Storage Baskets & Bins – This is an oldie but goodie showcasing attractive yet practical storage options. I implemented one of these options in my home to store/conceal my son’s toys in our living room.


2) Blooming Nine Patch in Progress – This poor quilt top has been a work in progress since the very beginning. It has been hard to make the time to finish this beauty, but I hope to have it complete soon!


3) Tutorial: Train Décor, Banner and Signs – We did a Train themed party for my son’s 2nd birthday and I meticulously planned everything down to the last detail. Then, made my templates available to you so you don’t go as crafting-crazy as I did!


4) Sconces – As I look back over this post, I am inspired to do more like it. This post featured high-end and affordable sconce options.



5) Bedding: All Ruffled Up – Feminine details have grown on my over the past few years and I love the bedding options featured on this post… I’m just not sure if my poor husband will ever go for it!


6) X Marks the Bench – Drool worthy “X Benches” and tons of glamour!


7) Five Ways to Use Otomi in Your Home – My boss just came back from Mexico City with another of these beauties! Take a look and see how you can implement this design in your home.


8)  Chevron Burlap Wreath Tutorial – In the last few years, I have received many complements on this wreath. My favorite element is still the chevron burlap ribbon. It just looks like Fall fin personified!


9)  Becca’s Dorm Reveal – I am so proud of this space! It was later featured on the website for her university!


10)  Finished Tarva Nightstand – Pieces in a child’s room can be so special, especially when a personal touch has been implemented. This particular piece was stained to match a family piece in the same room!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk down memory lane as much as I have!


Have a fabulous weekend!


Five Ways to Use Otomi in Your Home

A few years ago, I travelled to Mexico to help oversee an install. While at the airport, my boss decided to purchase an otomi for myself and for my coworker. I was immediately taken in by these beautiful textiles. Today, I want to highlight ways that they can be used in the home.


In case you saw this title and thought, “What’s an Otomi?”, here is a little info. The Otomi people live in the antiplano region of Mexico. They are, perhaps, most well known for their brilliantly colored and intricately crafted embroidered textiles.

via mexicantextiles.com

They are created in multicolor options like the one above as well as a wide aray of other color options.


Are they not stunning?!

I selected the turquoise color way seen below and hope to use it in my home some day.

via Etsy

But how would I use it? Here are some ideas:

1. Wall Art/Wall Hanging

This would probably be my first choice. By making it a wall hanging, the full scape of the piece can be on display.

via thefindsblog.com

via todiefordecor.tumblr.com

However, if the scale of the piece were an issue, and I really had to… I would cut it down to be framed or wrapped on canvas.

via designmanifest.com

via urbanroad.com

via typepad.com

via ablondeandabrunette.blogspot.com

2. Upholstery/Furniture

Another great way to use this gorgeous material would be to use it on a piece of upholstery.

It would be perfect for a dramatic headboard.

via Design Sponge

I love it on these chairs.

via open house modern beach design

However, I would be more inclined to use it on the outside of a chair (below) with the inside seat and back in a complimentary or contrast fabric… Less risk of snags and pulls on the embroidery.

via hildaliving.wordpress.com

3. Bedding

We have often made coverlets or duvet covers for our clients with otomi textiles.

In every case they turn out beautifully!

via materialgorlsblog.com

via birdcagedesign.wordpress.com

Or you can use a printed version  like this comforter from Land of Nod… A wonderful alternative for kids or teens.

via Land of Nod

4. Table Scape

Additionally, an otomi can also be a fun addition to any table setting.

via eventsinthecity.typepad.com

Great for a sophisticated brunch…

via mylifeinparties.com

or an outdoor luncheon.

via whyliveinaboringhome.com

5. Accessorize

Last, if you don’t want to commit to a full sized otomi, here are some great accessories for infusing this ethnic charm into your decor.

Joss and Main currently have these beautiful pillows available.

via Joss and Main

Stray Dog Designs offer these fabulous lamps.

via Stray Dog Designs

Or a more budget conscious option can be found at Land of Nod.

via Land of Nod

Wisteria has just begun offering these otomi melamine plates with any purchase. Or they can be purchased on their own as a set.

I am currently attempting to subdue the urge to buy a set for myself! To give in or not to give in…  😉

via Wisteria

I hope you have enjoyed a look into the many ways an otomi piece can bring eclectic allure to a home.

If you are interested in gracing your home with an otomi,  Jacaranda Home is a wonderful place to start.

How would you use it?

Note: This is not a sponsored post. Any opinions shown here are my own.