Our New Piano: Piano Styling and Décor

Recently, we received a wonderful gift from my Mother-in-law, Cindy, a piano. The piano was her pride & joy for the past several years. She was ready to pass it on to the next generation and in the process buy an upgraded instrument. This new development was not a completely unexpected addition to our home, we did not expect for it to happen for a few more months. You see, Cindy had been looking around at new pianos off and off for a few years and hadn’t found anything that spoke to her. When we got word of her new purchase we were a bit surprised; however, after seeing the new piano, we completely understood. It is stunning!

Delivery day was very soon thereafter and it would be a mixture of happiness and sadness for Cindy. While her beloved old piano would be departing to its new home with us, a brand new masterpiece would be moving in! The old piano was welcomed into our home with excitement, mostly from me. We had made space in our small townhome for the new-to-us item the previous evening. Ever the level thinker, Geoff was concerned about the logistics of having such a large piece of furniture enter our already brimming home. Meanwhile, I was on cloud nine…

(Cell phone photo from delivery day)

I always wanted to play an instrument proficiently. Two instruments always stuck out in my mind, the piano and the guitar. As children, piano lessons were common among my friends. Very quickly, I realized/decided three things: I would probably make a gawky and comical teen pianist, the guitar looked and sounded cooler, and if I were to learn the piano, I would want to learn on the real thing. In the end, I took guitar lessons and lacked the commitment and will power needed to make something of it.

With an additional 15 years under my belt, I am far more optimistic about the prospect of learning an instrument. I don’t have much in the way of down time these days, but a few major things have changed. I have the maturity to stick with something, a greater appreciation for a variety of music and now… a piano!

The second most exciting thought about our new piano was that I would be able to decorate it!

I had a few general ideas in mind and scouted out other ideas on the web.

I loved the Idea of a grouping of artwork above the piano with a few lamps on top.

Via Emily A Clark

Via Right Up My Alley

Via Shades of Blue Interiors

The laid-back feel of layered artwork leaned against each other accompanied by fresh greenery is also very appealing.

Via Lonny

Via The 36th Avenue

Ultimately, I’ll probably go for something in between…

Via Design Sponge

Via Love The Tompkins

Via Two Thirty Five Designs

Via One Kings Lane

Via Bo Bedre

And although our piano is an upright, grand pianos deserve an honorable mention, to say the least! These were a few of my absolute favorites. (I see a library complete with rolling ladder and grand piano in my future… or at least in my dreams)

The Menil home
via Flipboard

Via Vogue

Via Jonathan Legate

Via Marika Meyer Interiors

Via tumblr

Do you play or own a piano? How would you incorporate a piano into the décor of your home?