Bedding: All Ruffled Up

There are fewer things more feminine than ruffles… My husband would tell you that I am a bit indulgent with ruffles when it comes to my wardrobe. I honestly don’t think I could quantify the exact number of ruffled tops currently in my closet!

So, I have been looking at getting a new duvet cover lately. Although I am not looking for this particular style for my duvet, I have been admiring a certain femme aesthetic… You guessed it, Ruffles and Ruching.

Perhaps one of the foremost en vogue companies, Anthropologie, jumped on the ruffles and ruching bandwagon a few years ago.

Anthropologie Rosette Quilt

Anthropologie Quilla Duvet

Add in a floral touch… and you’ve got girly chic!

Georgina Duvet

Their trendy sister company, Urban Outfitters, features this dainty option. I dare you to fit one more ruffle on that duvet!

Urban Outfitters Watterfall Ruffle Duvet

Urban Outfitters Watterfall Ruffle Duvet

Ever the fashion-forward-mega-retailer, Target offers several fabulous options.

Xhilaration Square Knot Coverlet

Xhilaration Ruffle Textured Bed in a Bag

Simply Shabby Chic Ruffle Quilt

And one of my personal favorites…

Someday, if I were to have a daughter… I can’t promise that I will not slather her room in feminine decor!

What do you think of this feminine trend?

Blooming Nine Patch: In Progress

First, I am so sorry that I did not post the Mid-Week Makeover last week as expected. My very busy life decided to get in the way (the nerve!).  Never fear though, I will be posting it tomorrow!

Today, I want to fill all of you in on a quilting project of mine. I first saw the Blooming Nine Patch made up in pastels at the shop where I used to work. I loved it when I saw it then and have always wanted to do one.

No matter which color way is used this pattern is breathtaking. Here is Cathy of Quilt Vine‘s Blooming Nine Patch.


The Blooming Nine Patch is just one of the many beautiful patterns in this book:

Tradition with a Twist by Blanche Young & Dalene Young-Stone
Click photo for a link to Amazon

I have been working on this quilt all summer and I really want to be done with it by the end of this month. Yes, this thing has been two months in the making so far, but  I only have spent a few hours per week on it. I will be so excited when it is done.

And last, but not least, I want to show you the fabrics that I will be using:

(Please excuse our bed in the background. Christopher was already asleep in the living room.)

Two rows completed and 30 to go! Did I mention that I am so excited to see it finished?!

Let me know what you think.
Also, a shout out to Team USA today! Way to go Gold!