Wonderful Weekend

I hope that everyone had a great weekend, despite the fact that it is Monday yet again! I had a busy weekend, but did not get as much accomplished at home as I had hoped. We were out and about for the majority of the time.

On Saturday I was beckoned to my parent’s house to serve as hairdresser/makeup artist for my sisters’ homecoming weekend.

As the oldest in my family, I always envied girls with older sisters. They always had a designated person to help with their hair, makeup and sometimes with picking out their outfit. I did not have that luxury, but it is one that I gladly lavish on my little sisters. I just love being the big sister to these two incredibly beautiful girls!

I spent a decent amount of time on My sister Maggie’s hair. (Which somehow we never got a picture of the back) I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the results. I also did her eye makeup, but I certainly can’t take credit for how naturally gorgeous this chic is!

Beautiful Maggie!

Our high school has a tradition that Juniors and Seniors have the option to go to homecoming wearing costumes that go with the dance’s theme. They do this so that upperclassmen who may be going to prom a few months later, can avoid the expense of two formals in one year.

This year is my sister Becca’s Senior year, so she and her boyfriend, Patrick, went with the dance theme of heros. Patrick is a local volunteer firefighter, so their choice was obvious. Although I only did my sister Becca’s eye makeup, I have to do a little bragging about her too. Stunning!

Becca and Patrick – Firefighters

Later in the weekend, the hubs and I got to have some much needed time to ourselves. We went to the range for the first time in almost a year. Blasphemous for shooting enthusiasts like ourselves and I was pleased with my results.

Time at the Range

Then we went for a really great walk on the bayou trails near our home. It was really more of a long leisurely stroll, but it was fun to hear stories of Geoff’s childhood adventures in that area. I didn’t snap any pictures of the area, but my sister-in-law Jennifer has taken some wonderful photos of the landscape there. Here are a few of her amazing shots:

(click the photos for a link to Jennifer’s site)

As you can see it is a great stretch of relatively untouched nature and we are lucky to have it nearby.


With Geoff’s luck, we were followed back to his parent’s home by a lost black lab. Poor little guy must have gotten out of his yard and we are still in the process of finding his owners. (Geoff is a true dog lover and I swear that they can smell it! He is a stray magnet!)

Did you do anything fun or relaxing over the weekend?

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