Inspiration – Becca’s Dorm

On Yesterday’s post I promised to show you some of the inspiration behind her dorm design.

Becca loves pink… Hot pink in particular. She mentioned that she would love to use her favorite color in the dorm and I immediately thought of a popular color combo, Navy and Pink.

Basic color theory dictates that a great color scheme is either analogous (colors next to one another on the color wheel) or complimentary (colors opposite to one another on the color wheel). Combining a bright warm tone like pink with a dark cool tone like navy is a complimentary color scheme. And I think you’ll agree that these colors certainly compliment one another.

Of course there are variations on this color combo. Some combine light, blush pinks with navy.

While others use a more rich, dense hot pink.

These photos in particular inspired the accents used in Becca’s room.

We loved the colors and patterns used in this room by Centsational Girl, Kate.

And we wanted to incorporate the color scheme into her desk area.

Last, we decided to add fun accents like accent frames in turquoise.

I am very excited to reveal Becca’s dorm but that will have to wait until tomorrow!

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