Dramatic Neutrals

Dramatic Neutrals… sound like an oxymoron? To be clear… just because a room has a neutral scheme, does not mean that the space needs to be boring!

Though I am generally a huge fan of the use of color in any application, I have been thinking about updating and accessorizing our Master Bedroom as of late. New lamps, hang curtains, redo bedding, etc. At first I was thinking of bringing in a lot of color, but decided that I would like to keep things neutral… at least while we are still renting.

With that being said, here are some examples of spaces with a neutral palate and loads of drama!

Dramatic Paint Color:

via Traditional Home

via Design Project

via Design Project

Dramatic Contrast in Fabrics or Furnishings:

via Traditional Home

via Peep My Styles

via Traditional Home

via Peep My Styles

via Pinterest

Dramatic Architecture & Lighting:

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I really enjoyed elements from each of the spaces above. They are calm and inviting yet visually interesting and appealing.

What do you think? Is there a space in your home where neutrals reign supreme?


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