Favorite Posts of 2013

Traditionally, as we face a new year, we tend to look back on the past year; bringing back many happy memories.

In that same spirit, I would like to share a few of my favorite posts with you from 2013:

1) In February, I did this highlight on Dramatic Neutrals in master bedrooms. I originally wrote this post as inspiration for my own master bedroom. As 2013 is coming to a close, I am seeing some of my ideas and inspiration for that space come to fruition. (More on that to come!)

2) It is no mere coincidence that my second favorite post was a highlight of my son’s 2nd birthday party. A fun time was had by all and the subsequent posts (Post 1, Post 2) regarding the printables I created for the party have been popular ever since.


3) Another popular compilation post was Five Ways to use Otomi in Your Home. I thoroughly enjoyed putting together this post because I gained a deeper appreciation for these beautiful pieces and new ideas/inspiration on how to use my own otomi in the future.

Five ways to Use Otomi in Your Home

Five ways to Use Otomi in Your Home

4) One of the most exciting projects I did this year was designing a dorm room for my little sis as she went off to her freshman year in college. A few related posts on ways to make a dorm feel more like home and the inspiration for Becca’s dorm were also fun posts.


5) My final favorite post is the Chevron Burlap Wreath Tutorial. Why? Because every time I see this sweet little wreath, it makes me smile!

Chevron Burlap Wreath

Chevron Burlap Wreath

I hope you have enjoyed this glance back through 2013 on la salle design blog.

Check back tomorrow as I ring in the new year with accentuating some fun, new items!

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