Work in Progress…

As you may have noticed, I am currently working on reformatting some things here at la salle design blog.


Though I have loved the way the blog has looked in the past, I wanted to up the ante and put my best work out there with regards the design of this site. I really hate to do things half way and lately it has felt like the design and layout was lacking.

Another concern of mine has been that it is not easy to find past posts and content with the current setup. I want to make it easier for readers to see the work I have done and be inspired with every visit!

For all of the reasons listed above, you may see some changes over the next few weeks. Some may be temporary, but my hope is that all of the changes will create a cozy little blog space that all of you will enjoy visiting!

I will be posting some other new content soon, but in the mean time I apologize for any inconvenience! Sometimes things have to get a little messy before they become marvelous! 🙂



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