The Other Fall Color Combo: Plum and Green

It has been an on-again/off-again rainy day here in balmy Houston. Once again, we are experiencing highs in the 90s and when mixed with intermittent rain the result is southern sauna… Ick! I am left yearning for crisp mornings, leaves turning colors and the opportunity to layer clothing without sweating. I have to keep reminding myself that it will be here soon!

When you think fall, what colors come to mind? Usually, I think of red, orange, yellow, and brown as the obvious autumnal hues. It is only natural that these colors evoke imagery of harvest, falling leaves, and the changing of the seasons.

A few days ago, I was clicking around for fall décor inspiration on Better Homes and Gardens and happened upon this photo:

The caption read, “Autumn is a season full of colors — but not just the reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves. Deep colors, like purple, green, or navy work, as well. This palette of green and purple uses nature’s treasures to accentuate the colors.” The longer I let these hues sink in, the more I loved this combination!

Please don’t get me wrong, I love infusing a bit of orange into my home décor this time of year, but after seeing this photo I began to feel as though I might be limiting myself. I have always been drawn to the cool (read green and blue) color palette and purple is a close neighbor to blue on the color wheel… So it seems like a natural color progression for my seasonal décor.

As a result, I hopped in the almighty Pinterest and looked around for other examples of this fun combo.

Look at this beautiful vignette… I could die!

Or this paint chip color inspiration.

In a way, I feel like the plums and greens are a little more applicable to our autumn environment here in the lone star state. Leaves don’t fall until late October or early November, if we are lucky. However, the photo below reminded me of the fall landscaping on my college campus. Every October, the landscaping crew exchanged the flowery annuals of summer for heartier, yet still colorful plants like cabbage and kale.

I love this seasonal planter that Pam at Simple Details created for her home below.

Another fabulous way to infuse autumnal plums and greens into a home’s décor would be a wreath. Wreaths are not just a fun way to great your guests. They can also set the tone for the spaces within; giving visitors a glimpse of what they can expect to see within.

Grandin Road offers this beautiful little ditty.

Or you can create your own Autumn Wreath like Jenna at SAS Interiors did in the photo below.

I can’t help thinking that this combo would also be an energetic blend for a Thanksgiving tablescape. With aubergine, greens and a hint of gold, a thanksgiving feast can go from conventional to fresh and original.

In the fashion world, the blending of these two colors is far more commonplace. For instance, take this adorable outfit that I pinned recently:

(I am also loving the touch of mustard in this combo!)

Although plum and green make quite a dynamic duo, they are also outstanding on their own to grace a home in the fall. How stunning is this simple yet striking mantle?

And I love the use of green apples, hydrangea and burlap below!

For a hint of plum, Martha featured this adorable craft using corn husks on votives and vases for a fall touch.

And in the event that you have, in fact, gone plum crazy for fall, back at Better Homes and Gardens you can download a photo of this tablescape for your desktop. Pun intended!

I have tremendously enjoyed putting together this collection of colorful inspiration for you today. Have you used one or both of these colors in your home for fall?

Now I must get dinner started and resist the urge to go a little plum/green crafting crazy at Hobby Lobby!

4 thoughts on “The Other Fall Color Combo: Plum and Green

  1. Thanks Corinne for including my new fall wreath in your round up of alternative autumn hues. I am certainly loving the colors of plum, greens, and navy this fall season!

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