Ikea – Items to Love in 2016


The question going around the blogosphere this week is, “Did you get the new Ikea catalog yet?”


If you did, consider yourself lucky as some are still waiting for them to come in the mail. I would not necessarily call myself an Ikea addict, but many of their items grace my home. Ikea is renowned worldwide for making decent products at affordable prices. Every year when their catalog comes out, new products are displayed and hosts of their other merchandise is staged in inviting and accessible spaces.

As I turned the pages of the 2016 catalog, here are some items I found particularly tempting:


Beginning with new items, the SINNERLIG collection will be one to keep an eye out for this fall. With natural textures and clean lines, I think this will become a fan favorite


This new MOCKELBY trestle table will certainly be a new staple.

Meanwhile, one could set this beautiful table with the new SITTNING collection.


Although they are already being sold in stores, the FJALLA boxes are an excellent and attractive storage option.

And I love the new RADVIKEN chair!

The new TJUSIG collection will have you reorganizing your entry/mudroom.

The ALMASTA chair is probably another soon-to-be favorite of mine.


This particular product really caught my eye. I have been seeing lots of patterns like this in high end fabrics and I am supremely impressed with the style and vibrancy of this new print!


As you flip through the pages of the new catalog, you may find yourself drawn to a few of their existing pieces.


I am very fond of the HOLMSEL chair and its tasteful lines.


I am still trying to find an excuse to buy place to use the ALSEDA stool. It would be fantastic both indoors and outdoors!

And the adorable BRADA would be great for a dorm or teen room!


The TORKIS boasts many utilitarian uses from laundry basket to doggy bath.


However, I will be forever drawn to the STOCKHOLM chandelier. This is the closest my current budget could get to a gorgeous crystal chandelier… and in the case of the STOCKHOLM… I’m perfectly OK with that!



If you are not on IKEA’s catalog mailing list or would like to view the 2016 catalog online, follow this link to see more.


Would you like to use any of these pieces in your home? What is your favorite IKEA piece?




*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed above are my own.*


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