Awful Beautiful Life

Hello there! I hope the last week has kept you well.

Unfortunately, my little family has not quite had the same luck. Nothing catastrophic has happened, but between a few colds and a major stomach virus… we have been taking turns with illness for almost 2 weeks. At one point I felt like putting up a sign on our front door saying, “There is sickness in the house” and closing ourselves off from the world. The last of the stomach bug took its toll on my poor husband mid week but seems to be completely gone now. (whew!) We spent the majority of today cleaning (read: sanitizing). So I feel like we are just now getting back to a bit of normalcy!

Every family experiences a wave of illness at one time or another. Throughout the entire hectic mess that has been our life lately; a lyric from one of my favorite songs in my teen years kept popping into my mind. The name of the song is Awful Beautiful Life by Darryl Worley.

(image source unknown)

Honestly, I think that every adjective above has been applicable to our lives at one point or another… Sometimes they all apply at once. For me, it is a reminder that although life may feel awful at that moment, it is still an awfully beautiful life!

I’ll leave you with that thought for now.

Hoping to have a new post out in the next few days!


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