Desk Reveal

At long last I am able to show you my lovely new desk. I finally managed to get the photos on my computer and carve out some time to write this post. It has taken a while to get everything just so. They say good design evolves over time… So I’ll just use that as my rationalization!


I started thinking seriously about creating a space for a writing desk late last year and shared some inspiration photos here. Initially, I was intending to use a much smaller desk. We are limited on space here in our townhome, but after seeing it in Ikea I knew it was just too small. I did another inspiration post earlier this year as I was mulling over new ideas. Finally, I decided on purchasing the Linnmon/Lerberg combo.


Of course, I was not going to leave the desk as-is. I may have a slight tendency to always want to change my surroundings for the better… At this very moment our built-in bookcases are being rearranged for at least the 4th time… Back to the desk.

I had decided at the beginning of this venture that I wanted the final product to be either in part of completely gold leaved. In the case of this desk I decided on the white lacquer top and gold leaving the legs. Although applying gold leaf is relatively simple it can be a tedious endevour. I initially intended to get Martha’s Transfer Adhesive and Foil Transfer Sheets. However, both times I went to Michaels they were out of both items. I ended up using another brand from Hobby Lobby, but was left a bit wanting; more on that later.


The first step was to apply the adhesive or sizing. The sizing sets in a matter of minutes, and then the gold leaf application can begin. I made the mistake of applying adhesive to about half of one of the trestles the first time. After having my arms, hands, and fingers stick to everything, I decided to go one leg at a time.

Next, carefully brush the leaves down with a soft paint brush.

Once I got my method down, I finished both trestles in about 2 hours.

Next, I used the same soft brush to sweep off any extra gold flakes. I did have to do a few touch ups in some areas where there was not adequate sizing.

Last, I applied 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic. This is my favorite protective coating because it will not yellow over time like polyurethanes.

And here it is all finished. I apologize for the cell phone photo, but this is the only picture I have before I brought in the computer and accessories.

I am especially pleased with the result now that I have all of my “creative clutter” though.

Finally hanging my drapery panels didn’t hurt either… Most of the time they hide my mass of cords.

This has already become my new hub. I just love sitting down to browse for inspiration or check email. Another great perk is that I am right in front of our huge bedroom window. Trees, sky, and nature’s beauty are just a glance away.

My $6.00 Goodwill brass lamp provides wonderful task lighting.

A scrap of Edelman’s Croco Loco serves as my mouse pad while a Japanese display dish contains my fun gold paper and binder clips. The dish was given to me as a Chritsmas gift from my Gramma, along with 5 others. I plan on using the rest throughout my home, but this elegant little touch reminds me of her daily.

And this cute little face always brightens my mood.

Overall, I could not be more content with my little niche.

In retrospect, I would have probably waited for or purchased Martha’s adhesive and foil sheets online. The ones I used were extremely hard to handle because they constantly slid off of the paper backing. I watched a few videos on gold leafing with Martha’s products and it did not seem to be a problem.


So, what do you think of the new “me” space?





3 thoughts on “Desk Reveal

  1. I love what you’ve done.. Really pretty. I like the simplicity of the clean, crisp white with the elegant gold leaf. I have been mulling over ideas for a desk space, and i see some inspiring ideas here. Very very nice!
    Happy Easter to you and yours..

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